Tuesday, August 21, 2012

       Okay so today was boring for the most part. Although I got back the essay I did for AP Euro on Friday. I didn't even read the book it was on and I got, if you go by core points, 4/6 or, if you go by possible points, 4/9. That's not a bad score, its about a 78... ish ... which is good considering I didn't read the book. That's about all that really happened today.
          Okay so I'll talk a little about my summer. I went to a stay away, work, church camp in the last week of July. It was Monday through Saturday afternoon. The first day was fun, when we arrived at Camp Challenge we played a lot of games. It was so much fun. It was mostly team building games, since half the people didn't know each other. Then after lunch we got too go to a rock climbing wall. I only got half way up. Half the rocks were lose. The second day half of us went to the Sharing center in Sanford and helped clean and organize their warehouse, that;s where I was, the other half went to the food pantry at Debary Lower school. I sorted through over 400 books. AAHH!! The third day we were at the Salvation Army day camp. We helped with kids, cooked them lunch and just had fun. I left that night because sometime during the precious day I was apparently bit by some sort of spider and was put on antibiotics for 10 days, and wasn't allowed to be out in the sun for long. IT SUCKED.

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