Thursday, August 16, 2012

Introduction to ME!!

   My name is Joie Rene Jernigan. I'm 15 years old, and my birthday is December 29. I love reading, especially fantasy and scifi. You can ask me almost any question about Harry Potter and I could answer either with out help or with very little. Any thing scifi or fantasy I will probably likely. I play volleyball, softball and through discus and shot-put for track. This is my fifth year playing volleyball for the school, 3rd on varsity this club season will be my fourth, and my 3rd at Topselect. I play middle or right side. This will be my fourth year playing softball, my 3rd on varsity. I play 1st base, pitch or catch. This will be my 2nd year doing track, and 2nd on varsity. I have gone to LMP since the day it opened, and this is the only school I have ever been too.

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