Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday 08/20/12

          Okay so today was the first Monday of the school year. It went...well... I got a lot more homework than last week. Bummer. Anyway I had Varsity Volleyball practice this afternoon. My Coach made us run a mile BEFORE practice as warm-up. I tell you! Warm-up! More like trying to see how well we practice when we can't move. So after that we did a few drills, and practiced hitting with our new setters. We are doomed. The sets are there 65% of the time, that's good but it needs to be at least 85% if we want a chance at not being creamed this season. Oh well. So after that we practiced rotation then we played 4 on 4. That was fun. I actually got to show my Coach that 'hey I can pass'. I passed two hard balls right in a row then I had a pancake and then another hard pass. In a row. If that didn't change her opinion on me I don't know what will. So a pretty normal day. :) :) :) ;p

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