Wednesday, August 22, 2012


      Okay, so I went to the thespians meeting this afternoon and I REALLY want to join. I love acting and singing. Hence why I am in Drama. That's not a problem, the problem is that my grandparents don't want me to do it. They say I don't have enough time. But they know I can bend my schedule to what I need. What they think is that Drama and Thespians won't help at all in the real world. They say I won't need it. They want me to focus on sports. I do not need that. I really only want to play v-ball for school in the fall then play softball in the spring. I don't want to play club anymore and I didn't really like throwing discus for track. I mean they were fun then but not anymore. I used to only do things that involved preforming now all it's a;; sports. I was every musical my church did for 5 years. I had lead roles in 3 of them. Solos in 2, I LIKE to perform but my Grandparents are not letting me!!!! 

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