Thursday, August 30, 2012


     We won our game against ICS! yay! It was an easy game, we would have been laughed at if we had lost to them. We had more Aces in those three games than we had in the last three matches.
    So tomorrow I am leaving after 5th period, I get to go to my mom's house for the weekend. She is really sick so we are going to visit. She has shingles in her nose. OUCH!! So we are going to pamper her this weekend, to see if we can't make them go away. : P ; )

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I really hate getting sick. I missed the first 2 periods of the day, advisory and half of drama. I couldn't practice this afternoon because whenever I moved more than walking I felt like I would either pass out or throw up. Grrr. Very annoying. So tomorrow we have a home game against ICS, I want to win. ooohh. So I was in the paper this morning for having 4 kills and 6 blocks but you would have known it was me other wise you wouldn't have known. The reason being was that the paper said Julie Jernigan. JULIE I wanted to scream when I saw it. I mean its not that hard JOIE. 4 LETTERS. Really!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


We lost our game against Geneiva (SP?)! We couldn't get a pass. All of them were either behind the ten foot line or way to tight against the net. We just didn't play well as a team. The most kills was a tie between Amanda karan and myself, 4 each, for all 3 games. I did do well blocking though today, I got at least 10. I also got this weeks griffin athlete of the week. I didn't even know till someone pointed it out to me. Cool for me! I was there for 11 kills and 1 block in the game against OCP on Thursday. :) :) So we have another home game Thursday at 6pm, against ICS. yay. (kill me if we lose. please.).....

Monday, August 27, 2012


Weird day. It started out normal enough. Then there was that tornado warning. That was the biggest waste of time EVER!!! They should have just sent us home. That was bound to happen with a storm off the coast weather or not it was going to directly hit us. It would have saved a good amount of time. At least I got out of the first half hour of my lest favorite class. History was boring, a video on art from the Renaissance. Spanish was fun so was chemistry. I am so happy we didn't have v-ball practice today. I would have died I was so tired. That was from the stupid lock-in on Friday. I got about an hour of actual sleep, that's it. I sleep for 6 1/2 hours Saturday. It was so nice.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Today we had our first vball game of the season. It was against OCP and we won:). It was a close game though. we almost lost the first match. I saw a few girls I knew from Topselect because they play on Foundation academy's team. We play them tomorrow.
Nothing really exciting happened other than we got our shoes  in today. They are neon pink, yellow, and orange. They are so cool. I really have no idea what else to write. See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


      Okay, so I went to the thespians meeting this afternoon and I REALLY want to join. I love acting and singing. Hence why I am in Drama. That's not a problem, the problem is that my grandparents don't want me to do it. They say I don't have enough time. But they know I can bend my schedule to what I need. What they think is that Drama and Thespians won't help at all in the real world. They say I won't need it. They want me to focus on sports. I do not need that. I really only want to play v-ball for school in the fall then play softball in the spring. I don't want to play club anymore and I didn't really like throwing discus for track. I mean they were fun then but not anymore. I used to only do things that involved preforming now all it's a;; sports. I was every musical my church did for 5 years. I had lead roles in 3 of them. Solos in 2, I LIKE to perform but my Grandparents are not letting me!!!! 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

       Okay so today was boring for the most part. Although I got back the essay I did for AP Euro on Friday. I didn't even read the book it was on and I got, if you go by core points, 4/6 or, if you go by possible points, 4/9. That's not a bad score, its about a 78... ish ... which is good considering I didn't read the book. That's about all that really happened today.
          Okay so I'll talk a little about my summer. I went to a stay away, work, church camp in the last week of July. It was Monday through Saturday afternoon. The first day was fun, when we arrived at Camp Challenge we played a lot of games. It was so much fun. It was mostly team building games, since half the people didn't know each other. Then after lunch we got too go to a rock climbing wall. I only got half way up. Half the rocks were lose. The second day half of us went to the Sharing center in Sanford and helped clean and organize their warehouse, that;s where I was, the other half went to the food pantry at Debary Lower school. I sorted through over 400 books. AAHH!! The third day we were at the Salvation Army day camp. We helped with kids, cooked them lunch and just had fun. I left that night because sometime during the precious day I was apparently bit by some sort of spider and was put on antibiotics for 10 days, and wasn't allowed to be out in the sun for long. IT SUCKED.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday 08/20/12

          Okay so today was the first Monday of the school year. It went...well... I got a lot more homework than last week. Bummer. Anyway I had Varsity Volleyball practice this afternoon. My Coach made us run a mile BEFORE practice as warm-up. I tell you! Warm-up! More like trying to see how well we practice when we can't move. So after that we did a few drills, and practiced hitting with our new setters. We are doomed. The sets are there 65% of the time, that's good but it needs to be at least 85% if we want a chance at not being creamed this season. Oh well. So after that we practiced rotation then we played 4 on 4. That was fun. I actually got to show my Coach that 'hey I can pass'. I passed two hard balls right in a row then I had a pancake and then another hard pass. In a row. If that didn't change her opinion on me I don't know what will. So a pretty normal day. :) :) :) ;p

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Introduction to ME!!

   My name is Joie Rene Jernigan. I'm 15 years old, and my birthday is December 29. I love reading, especially fantasy and scifi. You can ask me almost any question about Harry Potter and I could answer either with out help or with very little. Any thing scifi or fantasy I will probably likely. I play volleyball, softball and through discus and shot-put for track. This is my fifth year playing volleyball for the school, 3rd on varsity this club season will be my fourth, and my 3rd at Topselect. I play middle or right side. This will be my fourth year playing softball, my 3rd on varsity. I play 1st base, pitch or catch. This will be my 2nd year doing track, and 2nd on varsity. I have gone to LMP since the day it opened, and this is the only school I have ever been too.