Thursday, September 27, 2012


This show takes place in the 60's. It is about a young black girl wishing for her break, and a young white man trying to find his way as a D.J.
The story starts off with the young woman, Trace, singing in her brothers bar, and the young D.J. walks in after hearing her from the street. He offers her a chance to be on the radio, not only for her to get her break, but for him to show people that blacks have just as good, if not better, music than whites.
He ends up taking over the blues show from a man who wouldn't know good music if it hit him. He starts to play black jazz and blues music. The ratings go up, and he gets the job 'for good'. Then the young woman finally saves enough money to make an album for the D.J. to use in his show, but the D.J's mother ends up breaking it.....

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