Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Never EVER run and or trip into the bleachers. I am in pain right now. We played Father Lopez tonight and lost on the 5th set 18-16. GRRR!! So the reason I am in pain is because when we were losing 16-17 in the last set we shanked the ball. So both the libero and myself run after it. Amanda gets there first and dives right in front of me. I try and not step on her so not to hurt her. I trip on her foot. I grab onto the black bars at the end of the bleachers to try to swing myself down to the ground so I don't hurt myself. Didn't work. Because when I got my hands on the bars I tripped on her foot/leg and rammed my collar bone and knees in to the bleachers. I think I might have broken something. I still got up and played the last point though.    

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