Monday, September 17, 2012


      We beat Warner!! They used to be the hardest team in the district, they went to states several years in a row. This year they can barley get 15 points. They lost 9 players. 4 graduated last year and 5 didn't return because the tuition was raised.
      Mila also royally pissed me off. We were in the first game and she turns to me and says "Joie, you better start playing girl, you haven't showed up in the last two games. If you don't pick it up your going back to right side and are going to split playing time with Kendall!". I looked at as if she was crazy! Apparently she forgot that a week ago I took a header into the BLEACHERS and have a bruise the length if my collar bone and can't move my arm very fast. I can guarantee that Amanda Karan and myself are the ONLY ones on that team who play 100%, the whole game. Yet she yells at ME!!! God I really don't like her sometimes.  

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